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Veracity Patrol HD is our Mobile ANPR Ultra HD software interface that allows police officers to interact with the in-car ANPR system using our tablet touchscreen.

The ANPR system captures and reads vehicle number plates whilst driving from 4 lanes of traffic at speeds up to 240 km/h with 99.9% accuracy in 4K Ultra HD.

It can immediately compare all captured plates in real-time to linked “hot lists” of known criminals / drug-dealers / drive-offs / stolen cars and outstanding traffic violations.

When the system has a positive ID from a hotlist – it flags the offending vehicle to the police officer with an on-screen message, which details the offence and/or crime that the vehicle or the owner is linked with and a suggested response.

This allows the officer to identify and arrest more offenders and clear up more unsolved crimes faster, to restore public trust and improve road safety by removing public threats and repeat offenders.

Key Features

  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • View both front and rear ANPR cameras simultaneously
  • View LIVE reads in real-time
  • Reads include GPS location and time stamp
  • Link to local / national criminal hotlists
  • Quick Search function by number plate / time & date and / or tracking ID.
  • Link arrest advice to on-screen hotlist alerts.
  • Link to remote quick deployment cameras on tripods via WLAN
  • Built-in Post shift user audit log
  • Make, model and vehicle colour Identification (extended functionality option).

Front ANPR Camera LIVE Capture Screen

Multi ANPR Camera Views

ANPR Camera Selection

Alert from linked ANPR Hotlist

Choosing a linked hotlist

Advanced Multi-Criteria Search Engine

Search Recent Capture History