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Vidiwave partners with Stream Communications to bring you a European 3G network

Vidiwave has joined forces with Stream Communications: the European Market Leader in Transport M2M applications for the past 10 years. A result of this partnership is that we are able to use our own private APN that manages the extended M2M features set via major European public APN partners. These include: Three, Orange, Vodafone & O2.

The benefit to our customers is that we can offer unrivalled network resilience, end to end network security, unparalleled uptime and remote Sim Card management via an inhouse OaSyS Platform.

Our unique "ready made" approach to our systems equipment is that we can provide customisable, prescaled, data usage information for each client. We can also offer ultra low cost monthly line rental and offer one bill per fleet of vehicles; making it easier to manage your deployment costs.

Data usage Tariff's

As a Stream Communications approved Dealer, Vidiwave pass on our rate savings to your clients providing ultra low cost monthly line rental. Including SMART billing discount tariffs, scaling the cost in line with usage.

Public APN IP Address Mapping

Forget expensive fixed IP Sim Cards to gain remote access to our systems. Vidiwave's 3G VPN Mapping technology provides instant connectivity over public APN's, making everything visable and online 24/7.

Global Sim

Imagine the cost savings, one bill per fleet of vehicles instead of one bill per sim card. You could save up to 75% compared with fixed sim card contracts. Online, simple instant billing management.